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I am sorry that we’ve made Christianity all about being blessed and having a better day, and not about becoming more like Him.

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— David Platt, Radical (via thewiseofheart)

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You don't always drive on parkways - By: (Zeb Andrews)

King of the Road by Dustin Abbott
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Crazy Love, Francis Chan  (via littlethingsaboutgod)

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Visual Communication first project: combining two contrasting objects together. I made a mini series based on the theme ‘Adulthood vs Childhood’. or maybe I should call it “clash of different intoxicating things ” I love this multi-themed creation.

Lightning Strikes & Star Trails by Matt Molloy 
I almost missed this storm…. probably because I was working on photos or surfing the net. On my way to a friends house I noticed the flashes and turned around to head in their direction. I didn’t stay too long, the storm lasted maybe 30-45 minutes.